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Guaranteed return on investment projects in Turkey

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Rose Marine Butik ALD-2

Istanbul / Buyukcekmce

Start From
13,894,250 ₺ Project Details

Demir Life - ALD4

Istanbul / Buyukcekmce

Start From
5,465,000 ₺ Project Details

G Tower ALD-6

Istanbul / Bagcilar

Start From
2,710,000 ₺ Project Details

Modern Yaka Ispartakule ALD-8

Istanbul / Ispartakule

Start From
6,997,500 ₺ Project Details

Yucelpark ALD-9

Istanbul / Kartal

Start From
6,025,000 ₺ Project Details

Bahar Yaka ALD-10

Istanbul / Eyup

Start From
0 ₺ Project Details

Looking for Properties For sale in Turkey,
We help you and provide our best available choices..
Aldar Investment is among the pioneers of real-estate investment in Turkey for 10 years. Our experiences and relationships are rooted, based on mutual trust, and partnerships with the best real-estate companies in Turkey .
Whether your choice to buy real-estate in Turkey is for living in luxury apartments within residential compounds in Istanbul, choosing from the best villas overlooking the sea, or even launching your business in Turkey, by purchasing shops, offices or office apartments, you will find what you need on Aldar Investment website, with various options that suit different budgets.
Real-estate investment is of the easiest and fastest ways to get Turkish citizenship. We recommend you to search for apartments for sale in Turkey within projects that provide rewarding investment returns, or a guarantee of resale with profits in a few years ..
Thereby you make use of the property investment, and get Turkish passport at one time!
It is notable that the Turkish real-estate sector has experienced advancement, and an unprecedented demand from foreign investors, due to the facilities provided by the Turkish government, e.g. getting real-estate residence easily in Turkey, establishing a company in one day only ..
Not to mention the reduction and tax exemption decisions, issuing the title deed easily, and primarily the owner has the opportunity to get Turkish citizenship in exchange of real-estate investment of 250.000 $ worth.
Our team provides you the best free real-estate advice, contact us now.

  • Istanbul or Constantinople previously was the capital of the Byzantine state, then the capital of the Ottoman Empire after the Islamic conquest, and now it is the backbone of economic life in Turkey and one of the most important centers of trade and tourism around the world.
  • Istanbul is now the largest European city in terms of population, and it is one of the rare cities located in Europe and Asia together, in addition to its civilizational link between East and West by virtue of location and history, all of that and more has made Istanbul one of the most prominent capitals around the world.
  • Istanbul area: 5,343 km², population: 16 million
  • Istanbul is characterized by the charming Bosphorus Strait, the natural sea lane that separates its European and Asian sides and connects the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, and is considered one of the most important and crowded shipping lanes around the world, and it adds an aesthetic dimension and merges with the historical monuments on its sides to become one of the most important centers of famous tourist attractions.

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